Erotic Massage : Much More Than Simple Massage

Erotic massage, also called erotic sensual massage or sexual massage is a type of massage that combines some traditional massage techniques and strokes and also sexually stimulating practices whose goal is to help the patient relax and then after having liberated their mind from tensions, the patient is ready to let the therapy work on his body, mind and soul, enhancing his libido, increasing his sexual desire and the physical response to it.

An erotic massage to be actually effective needs to be performed by an experienced sensual massage girl. There are several massage parlors in London who provide such massage type since the long-time benefits of sensual massage led to an increasing demand. Receiving regular erotic Asian massage has demonstrated to help clients achieve a pleasant relaxation helping them to cope with daily stress and they relate how their sexual performance and enjoyment has improved over time.

Even though some regular massage techniques are applied, it is necessary to count with a creative and sensitive massage girl. She will interpret the clients body reactions so as to provide him the precise stimulation while delightfully leading him to a mind state of relax and joy.

An erotic massage session allows an intimate connection between the giver and the receiver. This is what makes sexual energy among them to emerge, lets the mind free itself from any restrains and be open to follow the energy flow. It´s an holistic therapy that works with the inner energy and seeks to awaken all our senses and emotions. It gives a deeper sense of self- awareness since with the proper guide, the receiver connects with his inner emotions and sensations. It is a comprehensive approach that gently stimulates every inch of the body and expands our limited horizons of sensuality. Eroticism and sexual pleasure should not be limited to our genitals and an erotic sensual massage utilizing ancient tantric wisdom precisely awakens all our body and teaches it to be receptive to feel sensual pleasure all over.

Oriental Great Massage provides erotic massage Aida Vale services of the highest quality, under the hands of highly trained masseuses. All our massage girls in London and sorrounding areas, were carefully selected based on their natural physical beauty and their charm of personality. We evaluated also their feminine grace, their sensitivity, their ability to communicate and to listen as well as their devotion to please and share. After that, even thought they counted with solid massage professional training, they were required to attend seminars to deepen and widen their knowledge on erotic Asian massage techniques and different traditional techniques too.




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