Have You Ever Experienced A Japanese Luxury Massage?

If you are looking to enjoy a real Japanese massage in London, you have come to the right place!

Oriental Great Massage takes pride in counting with the most stunning oriental massage girls as well as the most astonishing and highly qualified Japanese Vip masseuses . All our traditional Japanese massage and Japanese sensual massage experts count with a unique grace, natural privileged beauty and an inner personal charm and sensitivity.

But What Is a Real Japanese Massage?

Traditional Japanese massage was originated around 1320 AD and it is thought that it was inspired on the traditional Chinese massage therapy. It´s original name is Anma but nowadays we count with the most traditional Japanese massage versions as well as several variations that emerged from it. Anciently, Japanese hospitals adopted these massage type since it proved to be a most valuable healing tool, both for physical and mental conditions as well as a
preventive measure to maintain a healthy life.

What Does A Japanese Massage It Consists Of?

A Japanese Massage by Oriental Great Massage talented masseuses will be a delightfully pleasant and highly healing experience that will improve mental and physical wellbeing and inner energy flow. It involves a series of different techniques aimed to reactivate energetic centers and to stimulate blood flow. It involves grasping, compressing, vibrating and tapping and the strokes applied will vary in intensity and rhythm according to the area that is being stimulated. Hands, palms and fingers are equally utilized. Being a good Japanese Massagetherapist requires not only a solid technical formation, but also a natural ability to recognize the energy flow and the energetic imbalances of the receiver so as to awaken or align it. All Oriental Great Massage unique masseuses have been trained by the most recognized practitioners of ancient and modern massage styles.

Exactly What Japanese Massage Type Can You Expect From Our Masseuses?

Since all our beautiful and talented masseuses are trained in most oriental massage types, you can expect to receive a tailored combination of ancient and modern techniques, from traditional relaxing massage to the most sensual Japanese erotic massage types. Our masseuses will gently take you to a state of total relaxation and a pleasant sensation of freedom, they will make your senses awaken and will work on your own energy, making you experience utmost enjoyable and erotic sensations.

Dare Yourself Enjoy a Luxury Japanese Massage In London!

Our premier services begin when you contact us. Call Oriental Great Massage now, and a member of our staff will kindly answer all your doubts and help you find the perfect masseuse for you. We will make you live an unprecedented erotic massage experience aimed to satisfy all your senses and let you achieve total joy and relaxation.

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